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Re: Epoxy and Welding

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Most epoxy compounds will loose most of their strengthen at fairly low
temperatures, around 150 degrees I think.  You may want to try expansion
bolts, or an epoxy that is specifically formulated for high

However, you must be aware that the concrete can also have problems with
high temperatures associated with welding.

I do not know what kind of welds you are going to be using.  I know that
single pass fillets welds may not be a problem.  But you need to pay
close attention to the concrete temperature as well as the epoxy.


"John F. Jones" wrote:
> I am curious if anyone has had any problems with welding to plates that
> have been epoxied into a concrete slab.
> I am devising a retrofit for some miss-placed precast panel embed plates
> and my initial thought was to epoxy a plate with some rebar welded to it.
> We would then weld the precast connection to the plate.   Has anyone
> experienced problems breakdown of the epoxy due to the heat transfer to the
> epoxy through the plate and bars?
> Thanks
> John F. Jones, S.E.
> Asia Pacific Region Manager
> Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers