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Re: Epoxy and Welding

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Most epoxys soften and loose structural value at between 200 to about 400
degrees F or so.  I don't have the oxidation temperatures handy but I recall
they are something like 600 to 800 degrees.  An epoxy supplier/manufacturer
should have this in their specs.

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Date: Sunday, December 20, 1998 7:26 PM
Subject: Epoxy and Welding

>I am curious if anyone has had any problems with welding to plates that
>have been epoxied into a concrete slab.
>I am devising a retrofit for some miss-placed precast panel embed plates
>and my initial thought was to epoxy a plate with some rebar welded to it.
>We would then weld the precast connection to the plate.   Has anyone
>experienced problems breakdown of the epoxy due to the heat transfer to the
>epoxy through the plate and bars?
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