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RE: Epoxy and Welding

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I am a little confused.  Are you planning on epoxying bars into the
concrete, placing a plate over the bars and welding? 

Avoid welding rebar.  If you must weld rebar, make sure it is weldable bar
or use deformed bar anchors.  

Welding will have a high heat in a very confined area if you are performing
stick electrode welding without preheat.  The heat can be monitored with
Temple stick crayons.  

Consider using either rebar with threads on the end or using all thread.
There are some epoxy manufacturers that have values for epoxied threaded
embeds.  That way you can epoxy the embeds through the plate, and put a nut
on the embed.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Epoxy and Welding

I am curious if anyone has had any problems with welding to plates that
have been epoxied into a concrete slab.  

I am devising a retrofit for some miss-placed precast panel embed plates
and my initial thought was to epoxy a plate with some rebar welded to it. 
We would then weld the precast connection to the plate.   Has anyone
experienced problems breakdown of the epoxy due to the heat transfer to the
epoxy through the plate and bars?


John F. Jones, S.E.
Asia Pacific Region Manager
Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers