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Re: Computer Program-Restrained Slabs

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David & Brenda Handy wrote:

A grid finite element can be simulated by a grid program by using the
theory given by the reference: ?Yettran and Husain, Journal Applied
Mechanics Division, ASCE, Feb. 1966, p. 157?. Briefly, if you set the
value of poissons ratio, mu, to zero or 1/3, the element becomes
For mu=0, the element reduces to a rectangular grid with no diagonal
members.  For a grid, use the full stiffness of the member in both
and torsion, (The torsion stifness must be multiplied by the ratio of
G/E. Torsion 
members tend to be softer at high stresses of course.)  I have used this
method for
flat slab analysis.

Milo Ketchum
111 Emerson St. Apt. 1523
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