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RE: Computer Program-Restrained Slabs

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I haqve designed this kind of tanks using the finite element analisys
included in the STAAD-III software. It proved to be a very economical design
compared to hand calculation, which is very conservative.

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De: Brad Friederichs <brad(--nospam--at)>
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Fecha: Sábado 19 de Diciembre de 1998 11:04 PM
Asunto: Computer Program-Restrained Slabs

>Could you recommend software for design of underground rectangular tanks
>waste water treatment plants?
>I need a program for the design of wall elements that are restrained on
>three edges and free to move on the top.
>Loading is triangular lateral (fluid) pressure.
>I appreciate the time you spend in responding to this request.
>Brad Friederichs
>VE Solutions, Inc.
>Rancho Cordova, CA