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Special Inspection for cladding?

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A friend I work with in ASTM has a question I hope one of you can help with.

He has a 30 story building in Seismic Zone 3(UBC) or C(BOCA).  It is being
"clad" with precast fiber-reinforced concrete panels, bolted to tubular
frames secured to the structure.  The panels (cladding) are not structural
but, of course pose a life safety issue.

Acceleration is 0.10

His contention is a Special Inspector performing full-time inspection is
required, but the client says the code doesn't require it because it isn't

My advice to him was to rely on the Engineer of Record and the Building
Official (with a little heads-up from a knowledgeable party) to get them to
insist on Special Inspection for the reasons he advanced and that they can
do that under the "special conditions" clause which allows them that
latitude.   It sure would be easier, however, if he could quote chapter and

Can anyone prove code requirements?