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vacation autoreply MAIL BOMBING happens! Can we stop the next one?

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Dear colleagues on-line:

It is fairly obvious the list was mail-bombed by the vacation autoreply,  and
i wager it was an unintentional action,  by Mr. Kim.  It's not the first time
this vacation auto-reply has struck.  We've all have done things we regret in
cyberspace,  so cut him some slack.  Besides filtering him out,  I've called
Kim's office this morning to advise them of this problem and also written the
following to his postmaster as well as to seaint administration.  I think this
combination of actions is more constructive than moaning and groaning on-line.
Thanks Shafat for being our admin and can we program the listserver to prevent
this from happening again?

Ron Fong
Fremont,  CA   

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Please remove Peter Kim from Internet Access - Listserver is being mail-bombed
by vacation autoreply

Dear Postmaster: 

The Structural Engineering newsgroup is being mail-bombed by Peter Kim's
autoreply. Please stop his mail. Thank you. 

Ron Fong 

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In a message dated 12/21/98 5:19:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, seaint-
ad(--nospam--at) writes:

<< BTW, I have removed Peter from the list to prevent further damage. This is
 obviously an innocent mistake. I recommend we delete/filter his messages
 and move along.
 Thank you for your cooperation.
 Shafat Qazi
 Internet Admin >>