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Re: EIA/TIA-222-F Standards

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 The web sites for both TIA and EIA are:
 The TIA website has specific information about ordering standards.

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I have been analysing existing Transmission Towers (~190' height). I have 
been using ASCE 7-95 to generate my wind loading. These loads are 
somewhat different than EIA/TIA-222-F. I am interested in obtaining a 
current copy. My copy is dated 1991.
I have been unable to find a web site for that organization. I did find a 
reference to a phone number (202-457-4966). When I call, I get a strange 
sounding busy signal.=20
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with EIA/TIA ?
I may have future questions concerning EIA/TIA vs ASCE 7-95 when I get my 
hands on a current EIA/TIA publication.
Thanks in advance
Randy Russ, P.E.
Russ Engineering