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Re: Aftereffects of P.Kim's messages

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Please re-read the message.  It doesn't suggest that YOU unsubscribe,  it offers the option for Shafat to unsubscribe the sender of the original message... doesn't it?

John Schwarz, P.E.
The Schneider Corporation
3020 North Post Road
Indianapolis, Indiana  46226

>>> <Yank2002(--nospam--at)> 12/22/98 11:07AM >>>
Thank you kindly for your comments.

If someone tells me that I should "unsubscribe" from the list because
his/their office was negligent causing many inconveniences to many people and
then suggests that I MAY "subscribe" again after they solve their problems, I
prefer not to expand my response on the content of my previous, relatively
mild, "IDIOT" Email --- as I may loose the control of the language. My mind
was made up many years ago on the subject of how I should act when "people
show no consideration for other people" regardless who is responsible for
misfirings. (The number one man is always responsible for the damage done. In
the military the commander-in-chief is responsible... and if he screws things
up, he is fired. If the chief is on an extended R and R leave, the second in
command is responsible. When the second in command becomes belligerent and no
one is willing to accept the responsibility, things get messed up - just as it
happened here). 

As far as my language is concerned:  I am tired of being an ineffective
diplomat in the world of thoughtless and reckless intimidations. People
understand only the language they speak (and in order to make them understand
certain things, you have to speak their language). 

Otherwise, a special investigator should be appointed to collect the evidence
about this disturbance. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation I am
not resigning.   

Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year