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RE: Affidavit for Welding Inspector

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If he has a current certification from AWS per QC1, that should be
sufficient for anybody.  If he doesn't have it, you shouldn't attempt to
certify him yourself.  This is a very specialized area, and the situation
sounds like being asked to stamp plans without even seeing them.

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	From:	Brad Friederichs [SMTP:brad(--nospam--at)]
	Sent:	Tuesday, December 22, 1998 2:05 PM
	Subject:	Affidavit for Welding Inspector

	I have been asked (for a fee) to sign an affidavit for an out of
	welding inspector that certifies his ability to inspect welding
	constructed in out of state shops.

	The projects are for construction in California.  The affidavit must
	signed by a CA structural engineer.

	Can you recommend a procedure to follow to evaluate this inspector
	determine if I should certify him?

	I appreciate your responses to this and other questions.

	Brad Friederichs
	VE Solutions, Inc.
	Rancho Cordova, CA