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Swimming pools

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A number of years ago I inspected the roof structure for an indoor swimming 
pool constructed inside a pre-engineered metal building.  I can't remember if 
it had a suspended ceiling or a plaster ceiling, however, the hangers had 
pulled completely thru the rusted flanges of the Z's and frame members.  
Several years later, I had to design a building to house an indoor swimming 
pool and I designed it with glu-lams as continuously wet and had all the 
steel connections hot dip galvanized.

Well ventilated structures frequently become less than well ventilated.  The 
chlorine in the pool water also makes the water vapor acidic.  I would 
suggest ultra conservatism in this design.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

John Dewar wrote:

. > I have a project with an enclosed swimming pool at a collegiate 
. > sports facility, and I'm concerned about corrosion of the steel roof 
. > joists.  The joists will be around 20 feet clear above the pool, 
. > spanning about 100 feet.  The area will be well-ventilated and 
. > air-conditioned.  
. > 
. > Will a plaster ceiling be required to protect the joists from the 
. > moisture?  I'm hoping to avoid an expensive epoxy paint job or using 
. > concrete double-tees.  What type of roof framing has anyone else put 
. > over a pool?
. > 
. > Thanks for your input.
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. > John Dewar
. > ext. 7431
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