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Re: Moment-Curvature Analysis Software by Priestley

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I don't know of the specific program you are referring to but, a DOS based
program that calculates moment-curvature diagrams for reinforced and
prestressed concrete sections comes with the following text book:

M. P. Collins and D. Mitchell, PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURES, Prentice
Hall, 1991.

I've used it several times and it got the job done.

Walt Sawruk
EQE International, Inc.
Shillington, PA

At 01:26 PM 12/22/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a program for doing Moment-Curvature analysis of concrete
>members (ie. colulmns, walls, etc.) put out by a consulting firm in which
>Priestley is a member.  I already tried e-mailing Prof. Priestley, but I
>presume he is far from his office now that school is out for the Chrismas
>ed gonzalez