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Re: Basement Wall Cracking

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I would like to inquire if the cracks appear to be new or have been there a

If the cracks appear old there a number or reasons this may have occurred 1)
The wall could have been damaged during construction by non adequate support
of the wall with temporary bracing.  Many time the contractors do not provide
the adequate bracing.  2) During placement of the backfill, construction
equipment loads may cause an impact load causing damage to the wall.  3)
During construction after the backfill is in place construction loads from
construction equipment causing damage to the wall.

If the cracks appear new 1) improper backfill 2) breakage or movement of water
lines, etc., 3) Improper construction of the wall leading to concentrations of
stress in areas of the wall 4) Improper design of the wall such as not
accounting for surcharge loads, etc.

These are just a few thoughts.

Dave Puskas
BSW International