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RE: Swimming pools

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Title: RE: Swimming pools

Dear All;

Do not use stainless steel in a situation like this.  A Swiss engineer used
stainless steel wires to support a suspended concrete slab over the pool and the
chlorine ate the wires causing the slab to collapse.  The engineer lost his
license because of this.

Patrick Rodgers


Now, I'm confused.  I have a swimming pool and spa in the back yard, and another spa in the side yard off of the master bedroom.  Both have large stainless steel filters.  There are also a number of stainless steel fittings.  The rule seems to be:  If it isn't PVC (plastic) or copper, then it's stainless steel.  I probably use about 200# of chlorine every year.  Most of the plumbing and equipment have at least ten years of service, yet there is little or no corrosion!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas