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Re: Basement Wall Cracking

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They appear to be old.  Use a crack width measuring eyepiece there is
evidence that the opening has been there some time.  The property manager
also says that the cracks have been there a while.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC

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Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: Basement Wall Cracking

>I would like to inquire if the cracks appear to be new or have been there a
>If the cracks appear old there a number or reasons this may have occurred
>The wall could have been damaged during construction by non adequate
>of the wall with temporary bracing.  Many time the contractors do not
>the adequate bracing.  2) During placement of the backfill, construction
>equipment loads may cause an impact load causing damage to the wall.  3)
>During construction after the backfill is in place construction loads from
>construction equipment causing damage to the wall.
>If the cracks appear new 1) improper backfill 2) breakage or movement of
>lines, etc., 3) Improper construction of the wall leading to concentrations
>stress in areas of the wall 4) Improper design of the wall such as not
>accounting for surcharge loads, etc.
>These are just a few thoughts.
>Dave Puskas
>BSW International