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RE: Cold Weather and Concrete

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I would take a look at ACI 306R - Cold Weather Concreting.  By the way, in
Alaska, we often tent and heat the entire structure in order to continue
depositing concrete during the winter.  If the weather isn't extreme, you
can sometimes get away with insulated blankets on top of the slab and
utilize the heat of hydration to prevent freezing.  There are other options

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> Hi,
> My question has to deal with the pouring of a structural slabs in very
> cold
> weather.  What type of provisions should be taken before pouring?  Also,
> if
> the slab does freeze, as it happened recently to us on a job in MI, what
> type of remedial measures are available short of chipping out the slab?
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Jon Turner