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RE:Swimming Pools

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Wood deck and glulam design should be one of the best solutions.  I
would caution the use of any suspended ceiling as the original question
had suggested.  Unless a true vapor barrier is provided, plaster/stucco
itself does not stop the movement of chlorine nor moisture into the
attic space created by the ceiling.  It may give a false sense of
security to the designer and makes it so much harder to inspect for
damages.  Cndensation inside the attic will cause failure in the
suspension wires or the structural roof itself.

Swimming pool designs require the joint efforts of the structural
engineer, mechanical engineer and the architect.  While we should not
depend on the mechanical system to counter corrosion, I had asked my
mechanical engineer to design a supply air system which is on all the
time to move sufficient quantities of air around the structural roof
system to prevent condensation.  We need to keep in mind that wood roofs
can rot too.

Vince Yu
Pickard Architects