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Re: Structural Drawings as Art

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There's a local architect, yes architect, whose drawings are suitable for
framing.  He is truly an artist.  His specialty is custom homes, and every
sheet is art.  Not only that, you can build from his drawings; he draws
*every* detail.  As an engineer, I'm partial to his framing plans and
details.  He's an old-school architect who actually knows how to design a
beam and a connection.  When he calls me (rarely), I know I have a
challenge, because he can handle routine structural design.  

I just called him, and he's receptive to the idea.  He mentioned that one
of his clients wallpapered a powder room with a set of the construction
drawings.  Now to the logistics...  

1.  He's caught a nasty cold from his granddaughter and doesn't want to
hear from anyone until after the first of the year.

2.  His drawings are 18x24 (inches for you "metrics").  We discussed
possibly printing some half-sizes as samples.  Also, his son designs web
pages, so that's a possibility if there's enough interest.

3.  And if you're in a hurry, his vital statistics are:

	Julian S. Peterman, Architect
	3346 Circle Drive
	Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561
		Phone:  (850) 932-4008

Tell him Fountain sent you.

Since Julian doesn't deal with computers, I guess I'm elected electronic
go-between.  I'll appreciate ideas you have for communication between the
"pencil" and the "electronic" age.


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> From: BRBATES(--nospam--at)
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Structural Drawings as Art
> Date: Monday, December 28, 1998 10:17 PM
> Does anyone know of a source for structural drawings, concept drawings,
> antique blueprints, etc. as artwork? I recently came across some framed
> structural drawings of certain famous bridges, they're quite attractive.
> wondering if there is a source for more of this sort of thing.
> Thanks,
> Bruce Bates
> RISA technologies