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Structural Drawings as Art

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Have you tried the Library of Congress.  Their web site 
( is now featuring, "American Memory," and includes 
photos and line drawings of selected structures (Golden Gate Bridge photo, 
Beebe Windmill photos and drawings, San Xavier Mission photo and drawings), 

I agree with you that many of the old architectural and engineering drawings 
are works of art.  The lettering and details are often exquisite, something 
that I doubt will be said of our CAD drawings.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

You wrote:

. > Does anyone know of a source for structural drawings, concept drawings,
. > antique blueprints, etc. as artwork? I recently came across some framed
. > structural drawings of certain famous bridges, they're quite attractive. 
. > I'm wondering if there is a source for more of this sort of thing.
. > 
. > Thanks,
. > 
. > Bruce Bates
. > RISA technologies
. >