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Re: Structural Drawings as Art

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     A couple more sources of engineering art work.  I have a 12 x 35" 
     print of a Golden Gate Bridge drawing.  It's one of my favorite wall 
     decorations.  I picked it up from the gift shop at the south side of 
     the bridge.  It was printed in 1987 by Errolgraphics, Inc (503) 
     228-4401.  There is also the people at ASCE who print up the bridge 
     calendar.  They may have other art pieces.
     I think it is neat that so many of the list members have responded.  
     It is nice to think of engineering as art.
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel, Irvine, CA  

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Subject: Structural Drawings as Art
Author:  BRBATES(--nospam--at) at fdinet
Date:    12/28/98 11:17 PM

Does anyone know of a source for structural drawings, concept drawings, 
antique blueprints, etc. as artwork? I recently came across some framed 
structural drawings of certain famous bridges, they're quite attractive. I'm 
wondering if there is a source for more of this sort of thing.
Bruce Bates
RISA technologies