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Re: Curved Steel Frame

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     I would look at a second frame (two member) connected at the ends and
center of the semi-circle with short blocking to the columns in the round
portion.  This frame would be in the subfloor and roof diaphram.  Of course
tangential - torsion would have to be accounted for but at least you would
have something orthogonal to work with.

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From: Eddie Gonzalez <Eagonzal(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US>
To: seaint(--nospam--at) <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 12:36 PM
Subject: Curved Steel Frame

>Can anyone share their general thoughs or comments, for the design of a two
>story, three-bay CURVED ordinary steel frame for lateral seismic loads in a
>Zone 4 region.  SAC 95-01, FEMA 267 and FEMA 267a. will be adhered to as
>as possible.  The columns are not equally spaced.
>We plan to orient the columns with the strong axis along the curve, and
>the beams fabricated so as to follow the curve contour as much as possible.
>The max. eccentricities are 18", 10" and  6".  Shear studs will be placed
>the top beam flange.
>Of particular concern is the best way to model the frame while accounting
>the potential torsional demand on the beams and connections.  Modeling of
>deck is being considered.  We want to start using an elastic program
>and then gravitate into using an inelastic software as deemed needed.
>ed gonzalez