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Re: Affidavit for Welding Inspector

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Of all the welders I have "carded" in the field, all were certified by
an approved materials testing company, directed by Professional
Engineers.  The candidated must appear with equipment and perform welds
as directed by the company Engineer as to overhead, size, length,
material compatibility, etc.  This is not simple process for the welder.
All welders carded were very happy to show me their certficication card.
Welders can also be certified also according to types of welds made.  I
would not, as a Structural Engineer, certify a welder.

Donn Wooldridge RA/SE
Phoenix, AZ

Joyce Fuss wrote:
> Brad:  I would contact/consider hiring a testing lab such as Wallace
> Kuhl, Capitol, or Consolidated since they may have a SE specializing in
> this type of thing on staff.  I'd be careful about signing the thing-
> check with your E&O provider first.  What is your e-mail address?
> Joyce Fuss
> Lionakis Beaumont Design Group
> 916-558-1900
> fax 558-1919
> joyce(--nospam--at)
>  -----Original Message-----
> From: Brad Friederichs
> Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 1998 2:04 PM
> To: Joyce; SEAOC
> Subject: Affidavit for Welding Inspector
> I have been asked (for a fee) to sign an affidavit for an out of state
> welding inspector that certifies his ability to inspect welding
> fabrications
> constructed in out of state shops.
> The projects are for construction in California.  The affidavit must be
> signed by a CA structural engineer.
> Can you recommend a procedure to follow to evaluate this inspector and
> determine if I should certify him?
> I appreciate your responses to this and other questions.
> Brad Friederichs
> VE Solutions, Inc.
> Rancho Cordova, CA
> 916-505-0519