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RE: Welding Anchor Bolts

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It is true that the A307 specification does not limit carbon content, but
anchor bolts of this type are generally manufactured from A36 stock which is
a low carbon steel.  Anchor bolts should never be specified as A307.  If you
push it you will find that few specified A307 "anchor bolts" will be truly

Specifically the A307 specification says "Nonheaded anchor bolts, either
straight or bent, to be used for structural purposes, shall conform to the
requirements of Specification A 36 with ...."

Even if the bolt is headed, anchor bolt lengths (and any bolt longer than
about 10") will generally prohibit mass production and will generally be hot
headed from A36 stock.  This is not a good practice either, but is another

A spark test on the bolt and the nut can confirm carbon content and will
dictate the welding procedure.  Then you can use the Temple sticks to
confirm preheat.  It would be best to minimize heat input to avoid damage to
the concrete.  It can be effectively welded by a good welder and a good

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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I'm a little dubious about welding on A 307 since the carbon is
uncontrolled.  At the least, you would want to know the carbon equivalent to
determine preheat/postheat requirements similar to welding A 615 rebar.

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	We have encountered a field condition with misplaced anchor bolts,
	in some instances we are getting only a couple of threads engagement
	the bolt and the nut.  These are 11/4 inch ASTM A307 anchor bolts.
	question is, would it be acceptable to plug weld the nut to the
bolt?  If
	so, are there any special welding procedures to be specified?
	Thanks for any advice.