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RE: Not read messages

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Your e-mail program has asked for a confirmation that your posted message has been read, I think. This is a feature of Outlook 98, for example. If you turn off this feature under Tools ... Options ... Preferences ... E-mail Options ... Tracking Options.
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From: rodrigo lema [mailto:rodrigolema(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 7:46 AM
To: seaint
Subject: Not read messages

I was wondering if any of you receive some messages (in response to your postings) by Mr. Waan Chui that go sort of:
"Your message was not read by:Waan.Chui(--nospam--at)
at:Mon, 28 Dec 1998 23:27:30 UT"
I am really intrigued by them.
Rodrigo Lema, Mendoza, Argentina.