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Re: Welding Anchor Bolts

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It has been my understanding that plug welds were not considered suitable for
transferring tensile forces due to the uncertainty of the penetration into the
member behind the plug.  I beleive it may be acceptable for low stresses,
however, it may not be for high stresses.  Has anyone else ever heard this?

I have used them on low-stress bolts to achieve missing thread engagement, but
not anchor bolts that are maxed out in tension, with little thread engagement.
The next problem I beleive is the requirement that the hole for plug welding
be at least 5/16" or more larger than the thickness of the plug piece.  I
think nuts are generally as thick as the bolt diameter.  Therefor the nut
thickness equals the hole diameter.  As you engage more threads, you lessen
the plug thickness.  It seems you would need at least 3/8" of thread
engagement.    Does anyone else read the code this way?

Ron Martin