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RE: Light Gauge Metal Shearwalls

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Sorry to let this one pass me by but I have been spending last week with my
son (Jeeping around the desert) and working on deadlines. Bill, most of the
ICBO reports issued will be for proprietary cold-formed sections such as
those created by Angeles Metal products. I might be wrong, but since this is
not a system intended solely for shearwalls, it would not likely have an
ICBO issued for this purpose.

The cold-formed shear wall system was done in accordance with the work done
by Light Gauge Steel Engineer Association (LGSEA), NAHB, AF&PA, Canadian
Wood Council and AISI. The latest work that was accepted in the '97 code
originated with the test work done by Professor Surrette at Santa Clara
University (I writing from memory and may have the wrong college listed).
You can contact Larry Williams who is the executive director of LGSEA at
The report differs from the work done by APA which was representative of the
older '91 or '94 UBC (see APA Research Report 153 and 157).
The main difference was that Surrette's work reduced the thickness of the
studs to 20 gauge in the panels to eliminate the possible shearing of the
screws caused by 14 and 16 gauge studs in the past.
The '97 UBC covers the design methodology based upon cyclic and monotonic
criteria. We are finalizing the design problem in the SEAOC Design Manual as
of this time.

Bill, I indicated a bunch of facts above from memory. If anyone on the lists
finds these to be incorrect, will you please let Bill know. My apologies in
advance to anyone who I might have missed or incorrectly associated to this


PS: If you wish to look at proprietary products which use either cold-form
or rolled steel, check out the Hardy Frame from Hardy Industries. I've used
these on two projects now and like them very much. I'd be willing to discuss
this on the list with anyone else interested. Please indicated a new topic
in the subject line - say, "Hardy Frame"

The work was done together with

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Subject: Light Gauge Metal Shearwalls

Anyone with some or know where I can get some current ICBO or National
Evaluation Service information on light gauge metal studs with plywood
shear paneling, using the new cyclic testing and evaluation criteria?

Also considering alternates to shearwalls, i.e., X bracing, anyone have a
manufacture with guidance or by chance eval. Service information.

Thanks, here is your chance Dennis

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Newport Beach, CA