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RE: slab on grade

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Could this have been partly due to a poor concrete mix (i.e., too high w/c )
or poor curing ?

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	I just inspected a project with the worst drying shrinkage cracks
that I have ever seen.  The cracks were 5/8" wide and there were many of
them.  It was a slab using polypropylene fibers.  I would not count on
fibers except for control of bleed water and plastic shrinkage cracks.
	You have already seen posts on post tensioning which is a good
	Consider also shrinkage compensating concrete.  
	Another thing is to eliminate as many restraints as possible.  Avoid
thickened areas.  Any penetrations by pipes, light standards, etc. should be
wrapped with a closed cell foam and sealed.  This allows the slab to shrink
without being restrained by the penetrating structures.  Add reinforcing
steel around any penetrations.  Try to create a good uniform slip plane and
eliminate restraints.
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	Happy New Year, y'all
	I need to put in a good slab for outdoor basketball courts.  The
client would like for them to be free of joints.  It will be an unloaded
slab, no traffic.  The slabs will be 100' x 65'.  I can spec a proper
subgrade spec.  How do I design for the slab thickness and reinforcing
required to keep cracking controlled.  I have reviewed  ACI 302 and 360, and
the PCA guide.  None really address the unloaded slab except fot the
"subgrade drag equation", which is not really a qualitative approach.  I'm
willing to add fibers to get a good crack control, but how does one balance
between that and steel?  How thick a slab?  How much steel?  How much
fibers?  Any comments are appreciated.
	Jerry D. Coombs, PE