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RE: ACAD Protection

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I presume you are sending somebody your drawing files.  One way to
protect yourself is to send them plot (.plt) files.  The recipients can
plot them but not manipulate them in any manner.  They can plot by
executing a dos command like " copy s1.plt lpt1" assuming their plotter
is set as lpt1.

Vince Yu
Pickard Architects

	From:  Sleiman Serhal [SMTP:mony(--nospam--at)]
	Sent:  Tuesday, January 05, 1999 9:38 AM
	To:  seaint(--nospam--at)
	Subject:  ACAD Protection

	I wonder if anyone out there knows how to protect an ACAD14
file, i.e.
	make it read only with no possibility of making wblocks etc.,
just like
	an Excel file.


	Moni Serhal