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The properties for A36 are:

A36 strain harden at strain level of 0.014 and Estrain=900 Ksi according 
to SAC95-09 chapter 4 page 4-18. However, the modulus would slowly 
decrease as the tangent of the relationship. One can say on the whole, 
it is essentially zero after yield.

David Choi

From: Eddie Gonzalez <Eagonzal(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US>
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: A36, A572 material model/properties.

Have you looked at Englekirk's Steel Design Book?

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 13:45:59 -0800 Eddie Gonzalez
<Eagonzal(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US> writes:
>Does anyone know at what strain level does strain hardening occurs for 
>A572, or rolled steel in general, and what is the approx. E after that 
>but before Fu.?
>Thanks in advance
>ed gonzalez

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