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Measured Permeability: Concrete Liquid Retaining Structures

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     The Portland Cement Association has conducted many of these tests.  
     One of their publications references PCA HM1170(?).  You might try 
     contacting one of their technical representatives to see what 
     procedures they use.  Their phone number is 847-966-6200.
     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: Measured Permeability: Concrete Liquid Retaining Structures
Author:  James_F_Fulton(--nospam--at)RohmHaas.Com (James F Fulton) at fdinet
Date:    1/4/99 1:59 PM

What test methods and test equipment are available to measure the 
permeability of concrete, either in-situ or of cored specimens ?  New 
regulations in Pennsylvania for "emergency containment structures" require 
that such structures have a permeability less than 10 minus 6 cm/sec and be 
certified by a PA PE.  In the appendix to the regs, ASTM test methods for 
permeability are referenced, but they apply only to soil. I don't find any 
ASTMs for concrete permeabiltiy testing.
Thanks for any input.
Jim Fulton