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Looking for an SE in the Bay Area Looking for an SE in the Bay Area

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Hi All,

I'm an electrical engineer who has been lurking here on SEAINT
for awhile now, trying to get at least a first-order impression
of the SE profession, the current state-of-the-art, and a working
idea of what obvious blunders not to make in a structural design.

I'm presently looking for an residential SE in the Bay Area 
who has experience with shotcrete and modern building techniques, 
and a familiarity with the soils, seismics and weird ordinances 
of the SF bay area (I'm in Brisbane).

As a first step towards the elusive building permit, I am seeking 
a general consultation to see whether my plans are 'codeable', or
even remotely feasable.  

Please email if interested, or if you can provide a local referral.

Best Regards,

Greg Leyh