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Re: Steel Joists

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Any joist with a pitched top chord more than 1/8" per foot does not fit the
tables. Your only choice is to either field measure the members or somehow
obtain the shop drawings. Does the original General Contractor or Architect
still have the joist shop drawings? I believe Haven-Busch used to actually
produce a complete shop drawing of the joist in that era.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.

Michael D Zaitz wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a project where I am evaluating some existing framing.  We have a
> copy of the original building plans and they were done in 1966.  The
> joists over a pool area are called out on the plan as:
> Special Deep Joists at 5'-10" o.c.
> (48" deep at brg., 60" deep at midspan)
> CECO 60DLH12
> Sheffield 60DLH12
> Haven-Busch 60LH14
> These members are spanning approximately 88 feet and are not listed in
> the 50 year Steel Joist Digest.  I was wondering if anyone out there may
> have information on these joists?  The project is in Columbus, GA for
> Columbus State University.
> Thanks,
> Mike