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RE: Structural Engineers are Artists!

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All of the ideas on this thread have merit, but..... The basic
civil/structural engineering BS has now grown to how many units??? I
know that when I graduated with my BSCE I had about 35 "extra" units,
and I didn't take anything extra. All those 5 unit physics and chemistry
classes have lots of prerequisites.....To fit in everything everyone
thinks a BSCE candate should know, you have arrived at a 6 year, 170 or
180 unit program. That makes engineering less appealing to students who
need to get their degree and start working to pay it back! I feel it
must be said that a structural engineer to be has a LOT to learn from
where he or she works. You can't learn how to BE an engineer in school.
You can (hopefully) learn how to THINK like an engineer.

Monte Griffiths, BSCE, MSCE, S.E.

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> I agree.  At Cal Poly SLO we were required to take a 1 unit sketching
> class, and all 2nd year design labs right alongside the architectural
> students.  My interest in both mathematics and art led me into
> Structural   
> engineering to begin with, and I took some art classes at the junior
> college in my home town.  All this has been invaluable in enabling me
> to   
> think in three dimensions and to communicate my solutions effectively.
>  Another thing I think should be required is that all structural   
> engineering students work on at least 2 construction projects!  The   
> practical aspects of constructability are not addressed sufficiently
> in   
> engineering education.
> Joyce Fuss, S.E.
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> All:
> Training of structural engineers should include courses in art and
> free
> hand drawing.
> when I taught structural engineering courses I often said: "Think with
> your fingers"