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Composite New Year

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  • Subject: Composite New Year
  • From: Jameskorff(--nospam--at)
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 06:00:19 EST
To seismic friends and colleagues:

I wish all a prosperous new year and success in all your seismic endeavors!!

I would also like to announce that as of Jan 1, 1999 I will no longer be the
XXsys Technologies, Inc. - San Diego - Director of Engineering and Liaison

After achieving the dubious honor of UAL 1K Premier Status for two years
running, I am returning to my home base of Foster City in the SF Bay area, so
that Suzana(spouse), Frederick(13), Arthur(11) and Rebecca(6) no longer
inquire of me "Who are you and what do you want?".

I will continue my research and involvement with seismic retrofit,
strengthening and loss prevention applications  of advanced composite
materials (CFRP,GFRP,AFRP) to concrete and masonry structures.

14 years with Helios/Birdair (project engineer/project manager) and 3 years
with XXsys Technologies (Dir. Eng. Services) have left an advanced composite
imprint in my professional psyche.

If any of you requires design, technical or marketing assistance in this or
related fields, I will be most pleased to respond to all your inquiries,
rfq's, rfp's,  or other irrefusable offers. 

Best Wishes to All,

James Korff, PE, PMP 
Structural Composites Consultant
MIT '72, UCB '75

985 E. Hillsdale Blvd
Suite 128
Foster City, CA 94404-2112

Phone/Fax  650-345-1355
E-mail		jameskorff(--nospam--at)

"May the Displacement be With You!"

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