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Re: Ketchum's Structural Engineers Handbook

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Majid Sarraf wrote:
> Mr. Ketchum,
> There is Structural Engineers Handbook by "Milo S. Ketchum". It was
> published by McGraw-Hill in 1914, 1918 and 1924.
> I wondered you have any family relation with the author and his whereabout,
> and if you would know how I can obtain the 1914 edition of the Handbook, or
> any other old structural steel deisgn books by the same author.
> I like to learn more about typical details and design methodologies used in
> late 1800 and early 1900. I found such sources of special value, for they
> help generalizing typical weaknesses in the past design and detailing
> practice, in evaluation and possible retrofits needed for older steel frames
> and bridges.
> Many thanks,
> Majid Sarraf

Mr. Sarraf:

Milo S. Ketchum Sr. was my father.  He wrote a number of books on
structural engineering including Walls Bins and Grain Elevators etc. I
followed in his footsteps.  Structural engineering is a great
profession.  If I had to do the same thing every day filling out forms I
would not be the same man.  Engineeing changes a person.  Ask your wife.

Milo Ketchum