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Slab shear in hollow-core topping slab

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I am designing a pier with 12" hollow core pre-caste slabs spanning from
pile cap to pile cap.  The governing horizontal shear is from the seismic
load from the DL of the hollow core slabs and 2 1/2" topping slab.  The
shear load at the reactions is only 28 Factored Kips for a slab which is
22'-0" deep. (Slab span = 28"-0")  Using only the topping slab (as
diaphragm) and solving for thetaVc the factored load is less than half
therefor not requiring any shear reinforcing according to ACI if
this section of ACI is even applicable.  The topping slab has wwf
6X6X4.0X4.0 which is the equivalent of #4 @ 18" oc ew.

One friend suggested increasing the topping slab to 3 1/2" and putting in #4
@ 18" oc min.  I think this is a little excessive, especially when you
consider that the hollow-core slabs are spanning the distance and can
transfer their own inertial forces to the pile caps.

Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank in advance!