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RE: Electronic and Paper File Systems - Adobe Acrobat

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Thanks for the advice Ron.
I wasn't so much concerned with security as I was with a means to combine
output from various different sources into one "book" for storage, retrieval
and printing.
Acrobat reduces the cumulative file size much the same as a Zip file. In
fact, when zipping down a PDF file, less than 1 percent greater compression
is attainable. I checked this with the latest version of Online that I
converted which were mostly graphics.

There are other formats which can be used, but none of them provide
universal readers. Visioneer Paperport uses a MAX file format but must be
translated with a Paperport reader. However, it can be converted into a
number of different formats including PDF.

Security is an important issue for many, however, many of us are looking for
a way to take a pile of papers - OR - an accumulation of analysis from
different programs and combine them into a package that is able to be
accessed, read and printed without the parent programs.

With this said, I think Acrobat is the most popular of programs to
accomplish this. On the down side, I have not found an adequate program that
will archive Acrobat files and provide thumbnails of their pages with a
means to search through the files in order to locate one page in thousands
of files containing, possibly, thousands of pages.

Neat idea for some creative programmer. Possibly there is one which I just
have not discovered as yet.


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Don't forget to check the security settings on your PDF files, otherwise
anybody can open your PDF file and change it without your knowing it, and do
some mischief.

Ron Fong
Fremont,  CA