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RE: Electronic and Paper File Systems - Adobe Acrobat

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I'll check it out - my Acrobat 3.01 version came without documents (all in
PDF format) as a special upgrade offer from Hewlett Packard for their 4P and
6300 scanner series. The deal was too good to pass up - something like
$89.00 including the full Acrobat 3.01 version, Windows 98 scanner driver
update, Corel Web Graphics and a number of other software titles.
I love working with Acrobat and am using it to convert SEAINT Online into a
PDF for publication on the SEAINT website.
I've used Acrobat Exchange and Distiller with other Adobe products like
PageMaker, but it is restricted to the Adobe products only. 3.01 can convert
to PDF from virtually any software by simply printing to the Acrobat driver.

One problem I have run into is the output from the latest Enercalc library.
I found that in the wood beam design program the output will be created in
Acrobat but will be missing some of the text (possibly a font problem).
Summary tables will not show results. This is unique to Enercalc, but not
what I would consider a bug since Enercalc prints the results to a
conventional printer just fine.

Has anyone else experienced some problems with the Acrobat conversion? One
other is creating a PDF of a DWG General Notes sheet. The fonts used in the
notes will appear to be blurred. There was a knowledgebase on this which
suggested changing the anti-aliasing options in Adobe. I have not tried this
but was interested in problems faced by others.

I'll check out the document handling features you pointed to in their


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Hi Dennis

"Dennis S. Wish PE" wrote:

> Nick Arenson posted this message last 12/20/98. I wanted to follow up on
> this one as it suddenly became an important issue in my office.
> I recently purchased Adobe Acrobat 3.01 and have fallen in love with the
> program. Virtually everything I do can be archived and viewed by others in
> PDF format.
> I use a Visioneer's Paperport deluxe to manage archived files, but it is a
> proprietary system and will only export to Acrobat.
> Does anyone know of a file management system that will track, organize,
> allow temporary viewing of PDF files? I've been searching for a program
> will work with PDF format and will create thumbnails of the documents.

Doesn't Acrobat do this management trick for you? If you purchased 3.01 and
a copy of the classroom in a book series for Acrobat, check out page 12 for
quick overview.

I too am interested in archiving docs and have been "cracking the book" of
to get up to speed.

snip remainder..

Barry H. Welliver
Draper, UT