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Steel Column Anchorage to Foundation

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We are working on one project located in Seismic Zone 2A in China, according to Contract, the loading for steel structure design shall follow UBC 97.

According to Section 1809 of UBC 97, the requirements for foundation construction, including Superstructure-to-Foundation Connection, applies only to Seismic Zones 3 and 4. Because in UBC97 it seems there are no such requirements for foundation construction in Zone 2A,  now assume a vertical X-bracing connected with a steel column baseplate, could anybody tell me the loads( D, L, and E) combinations for the design of steel baseplates, shear keys and Holding-down Bolts for foundation construction in Zone 2A? 

In Page 26, J.1  General, of he SEAOC 1990 Blue Book, it was specified that "the design and construction of the connections of the superstructure elements shall conform to the requirements and other applicable requirements of these Recommendations in Seismic Zones 2, 3 and 4."  

Thanks in advance.