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RE: Welded steel tanks for crude oil

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Dear Ms. Falconi:
You will only need API 650.
API 650 includes two chapters regarding wind design and seismic design on tanks. The seismic design is very particular for crude oil tanks because determines the portion of fluid that will move with the tank and the other portion that will move independently. 
Also has guidelines about how to design anchor bolts and foundations (if required). 
Evidently the code specifys very easily how to design the tank itself. 
If you need more information on how to design the foundations I could send you some information. 
Best Regards:
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Asunto: Welded steel tanks for crude oil

Dear colleagues,
I have to design 4 circular welded steel tanks for storage of crude oil, each approx. 8 m (25 ft) in diameter and 7 m (22 ft) tall.  I'll be using API 650 (for the first time, actually.  I've ordered it from API), and I was wondering what other codes or standards I might need to use.
The tanks will rest on a concrete base on the ground and they will be erected in a zone of moderate seismicity (zone 2 I guess).
Your comments would be much appreciated.  We have no local codes or regulations to guide designers.
Maria I. Falconi
Guayaquil, Ecuador