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The "Complete" California Building Code

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If you are planning to order this code soon, or if you've already received
it - a word of caution. Its not complete, not yet at least. Calls to the
Building Standards Commission today clarified that only two of the state's
three Chapter 16's are present in the codes that have been sent to date.
Chapter 16 for most occupancies and Chapter 16A for Division of the State
Architect-regulated projects are present. Chapter 16B for OSHPD is not
included and may be sent at a later date. Why we all need three chapter 16's
to regulate buildings is a subject for another day.

Also note that Division IIIR for both DSA and OSHPD are also not yet
included in the "published" code. This division applies to the retrofit of
certain buildings.

State law requires the Commission to publish the code (in its entirety??)
180 days before it becomes effective. Of some concern is the fact that there
was no warning or explanation provided in the new code that significant
parts were missing. There is not yet indication of when they will be made

You should direct your questions to the Ca. Bldg Stds. Commission's
Executive Director, Travis Pitts at tpitts(--nospam--at)

Some clarification on how OSHPD plans to handle other '97 chapters using the
'94 code as a basis could help us all understand what is going on in the
interim. Are there any OSHPD'ers out there able to explain?

Fred Turner, Staff Structural Engineer, California Seismic Safety
Commission, 1900 K St. #100, Sacramento, CA 95814 916-327-1606 Work Phone,
916-322-9476 Fax