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Re: ACAD Protection

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Ed Marshall wrote:
> Very well put.
Indeed but

>  In industrial work clients often contract for the full cad
> file (prepared to their specification) to be delivered so that they can
> maintain a drawing data base of their plants.  Furthermore they often
> stipulate that they will hold the copyrights to the drawings produced.
> Ed Marshall, P.E.

I see that the issue is not yet solved.

First creating the .plt and having the client or Architect use it is
still tedious since they need to have a compatible plotter/printer, and
the .plt file will probably become obsolete a couple of years down the

Second, the contract will not necessarily protect the structural
engineer especially in countrys less developped than the US where
"intellecutal property" is not respected. Also, if a staff engineer
leaves his company taking with him typical details to other companies,
it will probably be quite hard to trace.

The easiest solution is still to have Desktop implement a password
protection system in its Acad15 version.

Moni Serhal