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Re: Structure Magazine Questions

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seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
What criteria should be followed in deciding if the settlement of a footing
is structural
failure?  That is, how much settlement can occur before it should be
considered a
structural failure?

Failure is defined by two primary factors, serviceability and strength.  It
can fail in either one of these modes.  The obvious failure is when the
material ruptures or yields.  That is a material failure.  If settlement
prevents functions of the building, even though the footing material has not
ruptured, it has failed.  What good would a building be if it settled so bad
you could not open or close the doors or windows?   Different amounts of
settlement can be tolerated for different structures without causing material
failure or serviceability failure, so there is no set amount.  A superflat
floor fails with a small amount of settlement.  A pre-engineered metal
building with metal siding and roofing may be able to take a significant
amount of settlement and still function satisfactorily.


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