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RE: ACAD Protection

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No problem Mark. It's a good topic and would be well received. I would
certainly understand the copyright implication. Let me know if it can be
done. We would, of course, identify CADALYST as the source of the reprint.
Being a non-profit organization may also help since we would not profit from
the reprint of this article.
If this becomes impossible, no problem - I appreciate your help.


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>> We can place it on the website for download. If you will allow, I will
publish it in the March SEAINT Online which will also be posted on the
SEAINT Website. <<

Thanks for the interest. Now that I've opened my big mouth, I realize that
there are copyright concerns about the article itself! I'll need to talk to
CADALYST before re-publishing it on a Web site or in a newsletter.


- Mark Middlebrook