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Re: Structure Magazine Questions

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I think the Olive view towers was more an issue of dissimilar structures
pounding rather than a gross stability issue.  I am sure that someone
will correct me if I am wrong.

Once the pounding damage had done its damage, the towers did fail.  But
that was really a secondary failure as a result of the primary failure.  

Thanks for your input though, I was sure I would get a whole stream of
posts that said, oh yeah, well what about THIS structure in THAT

Look, I left myself wide open, aren't there more engineers out there
that want to take a shot? :)


Roger Turk wrote:
> Lynn Howard wrote:
> . > Shear walls do not fail in overturning during earthquakes.  Unless
> . > liquefaction is an issue, global stability of a wall has never really
> . > been a problem.  I have never seen or read about overturning failures of
> . > shear walls.  There may be some I don't know about, but I do study
> . > actual reports of earthquake failures quite a bit, and I have never seen
> . > this issue mentioned.  For those of you who are getting all excited
> . > about this statement, I am NOT talking about Geotechnical failures that
> . > could lead to overturning issues.
> What about the stair towers at the Olive View Hospital in the 1971 San
> Fernando EQ?
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona