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Re: Life span of painted steel

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Pardon me for saying so as I am obviously a steel guy, but corrosion is
to a great extent over-rated as a problem with least as far
as steel in enclosed building structures is concerned. Steel enclosed by
building finishes with no aggressively corrosive function inside, there
really isn't even a need to paint the steel to begin with (this is noted
in Commentary to Chapter M of the AISC Specification). In corrosive
environments, however, as you might find in a coastal exposure or in a
paper processing facility, for example, and in atmospherically exposed
conditions, steel should be protected; painting is one option. One
additional caveat: watch out for details that can trap water, as this is
a severe corrosion hazard.

In bridges (which are not my specialty) it's a different story entirely
as they are almost universally exposed structures and need to be
suitably protected.


Alex C. Nacionales wrote:
> Does anybody have an idea, experience or data on the life span of structural
> steel like trusses in an enclosed building like a gym, concert hall or a
> church using only paint as rust protection. Do you know of any steel truss
> or other structural steel member still existing after 50 years.
> Thanks in advance