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>From 1968 H. H. Robertson data book:

For QL-3-18, DL with 3" of 3,000 psi normal weight concrete = 46.9 psf
Vertical Shear resistance = 1181
Composite I = 4.654
Composite Section Modulus to top = 3.332
Composite Section Modulus to bottom = 1.957

Data book also includes load tables.  Maximum superimposed load is 337 psf 
for deck over one, two, three or more spans of 7'-0".  360 psf would require 
6'-6" span.  (3.25 inch concrete on a 7'-0" span would have a superimposed 
capacity of 358 psf.)

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Could someone tell me the total weight of existing concrete slab over
steel deck as following: (from existing drawings)

Robertson QL-3, 18 GA (I=0.337, S=0.398, WT=3.1 psf, superimposed
load=360 psf for 7' span) with 3" thick hardrock concrete over flute

Thanks in advance

James Lin