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Re[2]: ACAD Protection

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          If you have microsoft word, go to a window and make it 
          active (i.e. highlight it).  Hit the "Alt" and "Prnt Scrn" 
          keys at the same time.  Go to word, open a blank document, 
          and hit the right mouse button and select "paste". There it 
          is !
          Robert Rogers, P.E.

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Subject: RE: ACAD Protection
Author:  seaint(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    1/12/99 9:43 AM

Mark wrote:
- Print the directory information (including date and time) of the DWG files 
that you submitted.
How do I do this?  There have been several times that I wanted to print a 
file listing out of MS Explorer and didn't know how.  Is there a way other 
than going out into dos?
          John Jones