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RE: ACAD Protection

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> How do I do this? [Print the directory information] ...

As others mentioned, you can use ALT + Print Screen to capture the current window to the clipboard (as a bitmap image). Then you paste it into a word processor document, Paint, or some other program for printing. 

I usually prefer to open a Command Prompt window and redirect the DIR command to a file, because I prefer to have the file information in ordinary text format. The procedure is a tad speedier if you have the context menu "Shell to DOS here" option installed on your computer. This little goody is part of Microsoft's PowerToys, which are available on their Web site. After you install the "DOS here" PowerToy, the context menu that appears when you right click on a folder in Explorer includes the choice "Shell to DOS". If you choose this option, a Command Prompt window opens with the selected directory current.

- Mark Middlebrook