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Re[2]: Structure Magazine Questions - Retaining walls

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I use a different interpretation.  Section 1611 in the 1997 UBC covers other 
loads, not earthquake.  The section on retaining walls is only covering lateral 
earthpressure. Section 1630.8 covers overturning for seismic loads and implies a
SF = 1.0 for earthquake load cases.  I take this as applying to retaining walls 
with earthquake loads.  

However, as Harold Sprague noted in another post, the "correct" loading still 
needs to be defined for retaining walls.

Ed Haninger
Fluor Daniel

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Subject: Re: Structure Magazine Questions - Retaining walls
Author:  "Bill Sherman" <SHERMANWC(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    1/11/99 10:08 AM

> Q:    Can the safety factor for overturning of a retaining wall be  
> reduced below 1.5 when analyzed subjected to seismic forces (i.e.  
> 1.5/1.33)? 
Based on a literal reading of the wording in the 1997 UBC, I would say "no".
     Section 1611.6 requires a safety factor of at least 1.5 and does not 
     exempt seismic load cases.  <snip>